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This story opens with the new action hero and the two other survivors of Pitch Black already caught by a giant spaceship filled with dread. The sinewy leader has a unique--and creepy--jail ...

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original title: The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury

genge: Action,Animation,Sci-Fi,Short


imdb: 6.6

duration: 35min



keywords: bountyhunter, planet, actionhero, hero, spaceship, lasergun, inbetwequel, 27thcentury, rebel, muscular, strongman, fighting, fight, fugitive, ontherun, swordfight, showdown, machinegun, pistol, rifle,




















































A bridge of the gap between 'Pitch Black' and 'Chronicles of Riddick' to give more insight into Riddick as a character. Vin Diesel is the voice and likeness of Riddick. Created by Peter Chung who is also noted with 'The Animatrix' & 'MTV's Aeon Flux'. This is a sci-fi adventure that takes Riddick, Jack, and Imam on a death-defying confrontation with an intergalactic bounty hunter. This story opens with the new action hero and the two other survivors of Pitch Black already caught by a giant spaceship filled with dread. The sinewy leader has a unique--and creepy--jail for master villains and she has her sights set on Riddick. And Jack as they cross paths with a ship of body hunters and are brought on board. The captain of the ship, Chillingsworth has an interesting hobby - she captures wanted criminals and makes living statues of them. I was a big fan of the bizarro Aeon Flux back in the 90's and director Peter Chung brings that wonderful style to the universe of Riddick (much like he did in The Animatrix).

Dark Fury is a small story set between Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick (which I haven't seen) in which Riddick, Jack and Abu dock their scout vessel with an ominous and evil ship filled with frozen Mercs and run by a vicious female overlord with a perverted idea of imprisonment.

The whole thing is basically an excuse for some quick violence but it's entertaining and expands upon the Riddick universe in interesting ways. I can see why Vin Diesel chose this franchise over TFATF and xXx.

The DVD is in non-anamorphic (!) 1.85:1 widescreen with Dolby 5.1 sound and a bunch of whogivesadamn extras. Dark Fury picks up right where Pitch Black ended, with Riddick, Jack and Imam being captured by mercenaries, the leader of whom has some strange and sadistic intentions in regards to Riddick. In a bit of a baffling business move, Universal decided to release this after The Chronicles of Riddick. If they had released it a week or two earlier, some of the questions posed in Riddick that confused a good number of people would have been clearly answered. This short gives us the answer of some key events that occurred in the five years between Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick, as well as some insight into why Riddick, Jack and Imam interact the way they do in CoR. It also introduces the character Toombs, who plays a key role in Riddick's plight.

Aside from its value as an answer provider, Dark Fury is also a highly entertaining piece of animation. The graphics are top notch, the storyline is interesting, and the action is very well done. The plot moves along at a quick pace and it is a lot of fun to watch Riddick kick some @$$ in animated form. I highly recommend seeing this before watching The Chronicles of Riddick, not only is it a good movie but it also explains some key elements of the story. Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury immediately picks up where Pitch Black left off: Riddick, Jack and the Imam have escaped the desert planet on a skiff, when they are almost immediately boarded by a mercenary ship.


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